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• Former WWE Women’s Champion Reveals Why She Refuses To Return For ‘WWE Evolution’ PPV

Gail Kim has been a big name when it comes to women’s wrestling. She has competed in WWE twice but she is best known for her career in Impact Wrestling.

As she is a former WWE Women’s Champion, many fans wonder if she would ever return to the company. WWE announced its first ever all-Women’s pay-per-view “WWE Evolution” recently which will be held in October. A fan noted on Twitter that they would like to see Gail compete at WWE Evolution in October. Below is Kim’s reply:

Another fan pondered why Kim wouldn’t go to WWE for an appearance at the first-ever all-female PPV. Her reply was quite interesting.

Lance Storm went on to agree with Gail’s decision:

Gail Kim also works backstage at Impact Wrestling to help the female talents of the company. It looks pretty clear that she wants to stay loyal to Impact Wrestling.

• Possible Good News For RAW Star

Elias has been calling out The Rock for weeks now. He did it in an interview and he also tweeted about it. This week, he took it to TV and called out The Great One on RAW.

As we noted before, The Rock wants a match at WrestleMania 35 next year. Even though he’s doing a spectacular job in Hollywood, he still wants to compete in the ring.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Elias calling out The Rock was not a coincidence. WWE might be building towards a match between the two. He finds Elias being in a match with The Great One a positive which can be a career defining match for ‘The Drifter’.

It was noted how this could be a match with an easy build-up and could be a lot of fun with some guitar battles with insults. If The Rock wants a long match, WWE might look for another opponent. If it’s just few minutes of entertainment WWE may choose Elias. However, WWE can try to build a thrilling feud between the two as well.

It doesn’t matter if Elias loses (most probably) this possible match, it’s definitely a step in the right direction in Elias eventually becoming a main event star in WWE.

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