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7. Big Show Hates Working TV Tapings & Getting Told What To Do By People Who Don’t Know $hit

During a recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho podcast, former WWF Champion The Big Show talked about how he hates working TV tapings and getting told what to do by people who have never wrestled and don’t know $hit.

However, The Big Show noted that he loves working the Live Events because there’s less BS involved in that. Below is what he said:

“I love the live events. I love the Friday, Saturday, Sunday live event shows. I hate TVs. TVs I just want to bash myself in the head with a hammer, cause they’re just long, useless, time-wasting, bull$hit days where you sit around all day for some frickin’ idea that absolutely sucks. Debating it for hours, 17,000 different inputs, you know, one or two guys laced their wrestling boots up in their life and they’re talking, and the other ones have never laced up a pair and don’t know $hit, but for some reason they’re telling you what to do. So, you’re just walking around baffled, going ‘why are we doing this?’

I like the live events. There’s not as much BS backstage, it’s just me and the guys. I like that part. I like getting out and working. I’ve done a lot of things were I just walk down and I knock somebody out and I leave. I hate that. I get it; I’m old, I’m beat up and they’re trying to help me out and trying to extend me but I like getting in the ring. I was very happy last night, I was with Luke Gallows because I ride with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, I was riding with Luke last night and I said ‘man, that is… the most fun I’ve had in awhile’ because I actually got to get in there and tell a story and work.

And that’s the thing at heart – whether you like my character or not, and most of the $hit I’ve done on TV and pay-per-view I didn’t get to pick to do anyway, so don’t be mad at me, be mad at the people that booked this $hit – but getting in the ring, I love working. The stuff that’s going on now, there’s a lot of change going on, there’s a lot of new talent with a lot of new opportunities. I’m OK with it, they should get the TV time, they should get the pay-per-view time, I’m totally fine with it, just don’t make me come on Mondays when I don’t have to do anything, that $hit pi$$es me off. If I’m coming, use me, if I’m not, send me home.”

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