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Possible Plan For Dana Brooke On Tonight’s Episode of Raw

RAW Monday Night RAW

As seen on last week’s episode of Raw, Dana Brooke attacked Charlotte Flair and broker all her ties with the former Raw Women’s Champion.

It looks like Dana might face Charlotte in a singles match on tonight’s episode of Raw and below is what WWE posted:

Dana Brooke to bring her new attitude to Brooklyn, N.Y.

Having finally had enough of being browbeaten by Charlotte Flair, Dana Brooke finally snapped on her mentor and delivered an unexpected beatdown to The Queen that indefinitely severed their association.

WWE.com reporters caught up with the powerhouse moments after the assault on Charlotte, and she revealed that her actions were “a long time coming” and that she’s “not finished with her yet.” How will Charlotte respond to the actions of her one-time protégé, and how might this new mindset alter Dana’s trajectory on The Road to WrestleMania? Plus, will Charlotte be distracted as she prepares to battle Bayley and Sasha Banks in a Raw Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match during The Ultimate Thrill Ride?

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