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Possible Reason Behind Neville Asking For His Release From WWE, Neville Gets Invitation To Join The Bullet Club


As we noted before, former two time WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville walked out of this week’s Raw and asked for his release from the WWE.

During a recent edition of The Taz Show, ECW Legend Taz gave his views on this situation and the possible reason behind “The Man That Gravity Forgot” asking for his release:

“I saw some of these reports online about Neville possibly leaving. He walked out on Raw and he wants his release. I’m not sure what’s true and what’s not. But this would not be the first time we saw this. As of recent, look at what happened with Austin Aries. Austin Aries, you know leaving WWE and not happy.

And this is the issue when you have great talents like Neville and Austin Aries and a lot of other Cruiserweights there. When you have these talents as Cruiserweights, you pigeonhole them. They are locked into this division and once they hit the pinnacle of it, the top of it or they’re in a run for the title and then that run ends either as a champ or as the #1 contender. Well, now what? You know you got them pigeonholed.

So that, that’s a big problem. And I don’t know the ins and outs of what happened with Neville. I think I have a pretty good idea though. Without even being there I could figure it out as a wrestler because I know how wrestlers think. You know…. the guy probably feels like – Wait a minute, you did this thing what ends now and I couldn’t get a shot at him. I had the title and I lost it and now I couldn’t get a shot at him.

Now Kalisto comes in. So I guess maybe I could get a shot, but again I don’t know the whole backstory. All I know is if I’m a Cruiserweight there and similar things would happen to Austin Aries, it sounds may be similar. But Neville, I mean, it’s like these guys are pigeonhold and it’s not just them.

You have some excellent talents there in that Cruiserweight division. So you gotta be careful. I mean you’re in WWE and I said this on I think Tuesday’s show on the TAZ show, they’re not exactly bringing in like new people. They’re just promoting within. They’re using the talent that they have. There’s no one really new coming into the fold. It’s pretty kind of like weird.”

It should be noted that the original plan for this week’s episode of Raw was for Neville to face Enzo Amore for the Cruiserweight Championship and lose, but that got changed to Kalisto being put in the Title match and then going on to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion by defeating Enzo in a Lumberjack match. You can watch it below:

Speaking of Neville, he got an invitation to join the Bullet Club from The Young Bucks:

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