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9. Alex Riley On If His Incident With John Cena Led To His WWE Departure

During a recent appearance on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, former WWE wrestler Alex Riley discussed his departure from WWE, being frustrated about being given a broadcasting role & more. Below are the highlights:

On being frustrated with his broadcasting role in WWE:

“Did I like it, I guess I’ve been asked this question before and this is how I’ve addressed it: No I did not. I don’t mean to be blunt but of course I didn’t. I went there to be a wrestler, I wanted to be a wrestler very badly and I certainly was athletic enough and certainly had the tools and a lot of tools to be the best wrestler there. I always felt like I had what it took to be the WWE Champion. To be 250 lbs and ex-professional football player and to be sitting behind the desk was highly frustrating for me. That being said, I loved when the red light was on and I was talking WWE because it was fun and I always was a huge fan of WWE and always knew the product better than anybody else and had a great perspective of what it took to not only climb through High School and College to be a semi-professional football player because I’ve been an athlete my entire life so you weren’t going to put anybody on that panel that had more athletic experience in different realms and who could give a perspective of what happens inside of the ring. I had my a$$ kicked in the ring a lot of times and I kicked a lot of a$$ in the ring so I had perspectives on both. But no, absolutely not because I felt I should have been in the ring and it was about two years of my career that I was in great shape and proved it when I came off the desk and I wanted to be out there. That being said I was apart of the company and was able to work extremely hard and give them what I had behind the desk so in that regard it was a good thing.”

On if his incident with John Cena led to his departure from WWE:

“I guess I’m not saying anything that other people haven’t already kind of said. It is kind of out there but I’ll say this. There was an incident and it certainly affected the path of my career, however I am not going to talk about it right now and I’ve kind of gone back and fourth in my own times morally with do I say anything or do I not. I am not in the habit of destroying anybody’s career so it is just something at this point that I don’t want to address further than that but one day I certainly will. It was a hard situation to deal with.”

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