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Post-SummerSlam 2023 Plan For The Bloodline (Spoiler)

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On last week’s SmackDown, during the ‘Trial of the Tribal Chief’ Bloodline segment, a brawl broke out between Roman Reigns / Solo Sikoa and The Usos.

Roman ordered Solo to put Jimmy Uso through the announce table, and they also double-teamed up Jey Uso.

Later in the main event segment of the show, Jey attacked Roman and Solo. While Roman managed to escape, Jey hit Solo with over 10 chair shots!

Jey then picked up the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and challenged Roman to a match.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Roman will defeat Jey at SummerSlam 2023 and then Jey will move on to a feud with Solo:

“The other thing was that Jey, the one who’s getting the next title shot at SummerSlam, which is a major show, but for the long-term story, I mean, they had Solo throw around Jey over the table, you know, destroy him and everything like that.

Now, Jey did get revenge at the end of the show with the 10-chair shots. But the point is, this was not just, you know, like usually when they have, when you got your championship match at SummerSlam or WrestleMania or whatever, I mean, that’s the focus, the laser focus on building this match. And this one, they’re confident enough that they’re hot enough that they don’t have to focus everything on Roman and Jey.

And Jey is the big part. It is the big one, but they’re focusing so much on Solo, just telling you because I think they won an even bigger peak when they come to Roman and Solo and maybe Jey and Solo. At some point, you could do that stemming from everything.

Well, the obvious thing is that Jey’s losing to Roman. And so Jey and Solo can have a big feud afterward, and Jey can get a big win over Solo with something that Roman does to cost Solo the match, which builds up the split between Solo and Roman, right? And then you’ve got the direction there and leading into whatever you’re doing for WrestleMania.”

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