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“P*rn is an insurance policy if WWE ever wants to fire me” – Matt Riddle

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• “P*rn is an insurance policy if WWE ever wants to fire me” – Matt Riddle

WWE RAW Superstar Matt Riddle was involved in a relationship with OnlyFans star Daniella Petrow once.

For some reason, Daniella has decided to release screenshots of her private chats with Riddle.

You can read what Riddle messaged her below:

“I want to f**k you in front of people early in the day then at night I wanna do some coke and Molly and have you f**k me in front of people or in a perfect scenario we get another hot guy with a big c*ck and you share it with me!

Honestly babe I do love you but there’s certain things I want/need to be in a relationship. I want/need a c*ck/p*ssy/a$$ loving sl*t like me and I want to want those things and not to do it because I want it.

I know I’m not like other guys and I really don’t get jealous if you flirt or f**k anyone to be honest that’s what I want!

When you were trying to be my girlfriend I hated it but when you sent me that video of kissing that other guy I was so turned on and that’s what I want especially when I can’t have you it’s so hot because you’re hot. I know that’s a lot and it’s stuff I’ve already told you but I think this time you’ll believe me that I won’t get jealous.

Also one more thing, I want to make p*rn with you and I’ll pay you and give you royalties if I ever release it or sell it.

The p*rn is an insurance policy if WWE ever wants to fire me. I’ll explain in person but it makes sense plus I’ve always wanted to do it.”

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It was broadcasted from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan and featured pre-taped matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF Unforgiven 2001’ PPV.

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