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“QUIT LYING, CM Punk is sorry he made a difference in AEW business & you haven’t” – Jim Cornette To Chris Jericho

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After the AEW All Out 2022 pay-per-view, a notable backstage altercation occurred involving CM Punk, Ace Steel, and The Elite’s Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson.

Despite various details circulating online, none of those involved have publicly confirmed anything. However, there is optimism that the full story may be disclosed in the future.

Stephen P New, the lawyer representing Punk and Steel, shared in an interview on Rip Rogers’ podcast that Lucy Steel (Ace Steel’s wife), who was present during the incident, was not obligated to sign a non-disclosure agreement, unlike the others involved.

Here’s what Stephen said:

“The only person, and granted she’s not completely objective and unbiased, the only person not subject to an NDA and not subject to confidentiality provisions is Ace’s wife Lucy. Maybe one day she tells the story.”

Chris Jericho saw what Stephen said and tweeted that he didn’t sign an NDA either:

“I didn’t sign one…”

Stephen replied the following to Jericho:

“It’s in your employee handbook unless you have a special one. We can figure it out.”

Jericho then replied:

“Hey @StephenPNew – I don’t adhere to an employee handbook and have NEVER had one in 4 years of working for AEW. I’ve also never signed an NDA in my life … ever.

So stop trying to be a bully and making egotistical fantasy brags for your clients, and start doing some research before you make blanket statements about your buddies.

Because I saw EVERYTHING that night… including how Lucy (and her husband and best buddy) acted and what really went down… and since I was in the room and watching her and everybody else the whole time.. I know exactly what really happened.

And considering you weren’t there and I was… maybe you should shut your mark a$$ up. Because what really went down was disgusting…”

Stephen replied:

“Thank you Chris. We will just attach this Tweet as Exhibit A. Merry Christmas.”

Jim Cornette joined the conversation and wrote:

“God, Chris, it’s Xmas–slap Tony’s d**k out of your mouth, you’ve got his Dad’s money the next 10 years & the Buckaroos will still let you play with the cool kids.

You don’t have to tell the truth, just QUIT LYING, Punk is sorry he made a difference in AEW business & you haven’t.”

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