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R-Truth Faced The Threat Of Leg Amputation In 2023

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On an episode of NXT in November 2022, R-Truth faced Grayson Waller. During this match, the veteran wrestler went for an over-the-top-rope dive and landed hard on the floor, which resulted in him getting hurt and tearing his quad.

During the recovery from this injury in 2023, R-Truth also dealt with an infection that caused a hole in his knee. The Doctors told him that this was serious and if they didn’t get this under control, then they might have to amputate his leg.

Here’s what R-Truth said on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg:

“I had a hole in my knee. I had five different bacteria that caused the infection along with MRSA, staff, and their cousins and kinfolks. It started off as a routine quad tear. I tore my bottom quad. They went in and I guess it could have happened during surgery.

I went to get the stitches out and we found out that the bacteria, the infection, was eating from the inside out so that’s where the hole came from. The doctor said, ‘We gotta get this under control. If we can’t get this under control, I’m gonna have to think of options’.

He was straight shooting with me. He said, ‘You’re in the woods big time. We have to get this under control’. It would not heal.

Then I had to go three months, I had to have a wound VAC on. It was a VAC on my knee that kept sucking the old blood up and putting the new blood, all that stuff, like I had to wear that for six weeks all along with a PICC line that I had to have for 8 weeks. I did that, and once all that was over with, the stitches started coming out on their own.

So I had stitches coming out of my knee by itself, so my body wasn’t agreeing to it so I had to get surgery for a third time and the infection was still there, so I had to get another PICC line as well.

It was a good 4 months or 5 months of just trying to kill the infection, slow it down, stop it, and I’m going mentally crazy because there was a chance, he said, the other option was amputation. You know what I’m saying?

So to go from doing the 24/7 (Title) stuff, running around, doing things with my kids, to NXT, me and Grayson Waller tearing it down and doing things to stopping and then getting told this? It was a big reality check, man. It was a pump the brakes moment.”

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