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R-Truth Offers To Be The 5th Member Of Judgment Day’s WarGames Team (Video)

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Below are the complete results from tonight’s RAW, which featured the return of CM Punk to the red brand after almost 10 years!

– 14-Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton kicked off tonight’s post-Survivor Series episode of RAW. Orton met kids at ringside and even gave an autograph to one of them. He entered the ring and did his iconic pose in the corner. Randy said it sounds like a few of you missed me and the crowd cheered big time. Orton officially said he’s back. He welcomed the fans to Monday Night RAW. Fans chanted ‘welcome back’. Orton said he has a lot of accolades, but he hadn’t done one thing until last night – compete in a WarGames match. He thanked Cody Rhodes for giving him the call to be a part of his team. Orton then put over Dusty Rhodes for creating this match.

Randy said he has unfinished business with The Bloodline. Orton said he has a receipt for every single member of The Bloodline, and he means every single one of them – which is an RKO.

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley then came out. Michael Cole said many believe Rhea is the actual leader of The Judgment Day. Rhea welcomed Randy back. Rhea said she never thought Randy would team with someone who tried to end his career (Jey Uso). Rhea then took a shot at Orton by saying that his return got upstaged by CM Punk’s return. Rhea said while Orton was gone, the landscape of WWE has changed and The Judgment Day runs WWE now. She said WarGames was just a bump in the road and Judgment Day is still dripping in gold. Rhea said if it wasn’t for Orton last night, Damian Priest would be the World Heavyweight Champion right now. Ripley said Orton should forget about The Bloodline, as Judgment Day is coming after him. Fans began chanting “RKO”. Orton said he was watching WWE TV while he was out and he has heard a lot of Mami this, Mami that. Orton then said the following:

“Mami this, Mami that. Guess what, Rhea? Daddy’s back. A lot of things have changed, but nobody tells Randy Orton what to do.”

Rhea said Randy has made Judgment Day his enemy. Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh attacked Orton from behind. Orton fought back and took out JD with an RKO, while Dirty Dom escaped.

Orton said he’s going to find RAW General Manager Adam Pearce and will face Dominik Mysterio in a singles match TONIGHT!

– The Creed Brothers won the Tag Team Turmoil to become the #1 Contenders for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

Below are the results of the matches in this Tag Team Turmoil:

DIY def. Alpha Academy

DIY def. Indus Sher

The Creed Brothers def. DIY

The Creed Brothers def. The New Day

The Creed Brothers def. Imperium

– In a backstage segment involving Judgment Day, Finn Balor said to Damian Priest that they must take Creed Brothers seriously, as they are the real deal. Priest wasn’t happy that he was the one that got pinned at WarGames. The other members told him to calm down and that it’s just one loss. Rhea said they won’t hold that loss against Priest, despite Priest being the leader of Judgment Day at WarGames.

– Cody Rhodes came out and thanked his team members for the victory at WarGames. He thanked Randy Orton for giving him the opportunity to pin Damian Priest in his dad’s match. Fans chanted for Dusty Rhodes and Cody became a little emotional. Cody then said ‘welcome back’ to CM Punk.

Rhodes said everyone knows his destination and declared himself as an entrant in the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble match. Shinsuke Nakamura interrupted him with a vignette and revealed that Cody is the one he was targeting. Nakamura then showed up behind Cody and spit red mist in Cody’s face.

– Bronson Reed vs. Ivar ended in a Double Count-Out

They brawled in the stands after the match was over.

– R-Truth said he has heard Judgment Day is looking for a 5th member for WarGames and he’s ready to team up with them. Damian Priest said the match already happened. You can watch this segment below:

– Nia Jax def. Zoey Stark

– World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins came out and fans began chanting ‘CM Punk’. Rollins told them to go on and get it out of their system, as he won’t spend a second on that hypocrite. Rollins then said he has made the World Heavyweight Championship the most important title in WWE in the last 6 months. Rollins said he’s getting the itch to be a fighting champion again. He said he talked to Adam Pearce and he was about to reveal something, but Drew McIntyre came out.

McIntyre said he deserved to lose to Rollins at Crown Jewel, but that loss changed him. To hell with Jey Uso, he wants a rematch against Rollins for the World Title.

Rollins then revealed that he talked to Pearce and will defend the World Title next week on RAW. McIntyre then asked who the match is with and Rollins said Jey Uso. McIntyre then laid out Rollins with a Glasgow Kiss, which resulted in Drew bleeding from his forehead. Drew began attacking Seth, which led to Jey Uso making the save. Jey then picked up the World Title, looked at it and then handed it to Seth.

– Sami Zayn tried to talk sense to Drew McIntyre by telling Drew that he faced the same issues, but he’s keeping his head high. McIntyre said he’ll try doing that and will face Zayn next week.

– Chelsea Green & Piper Niven (c) def. Natalya & Tegan Nox to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

– Jey Uso apologized to Randy Orton for what he did to him last year, along with The Bloodline. Orton said as long as Jey is out of The Bloodline, they’re good. They hugged and said Yeet!

– Randy Orton def. NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio

– CM Punk came out in the main event segment and said it looks like hell froze over. Punk then said:

“I’ve changed. I’m home. This is where I belong. I’ve been gone for 10 years and you people didn’t forget me. That’s why I’m back.”

Punk said once a “Wise Man” (Paul Heyman) said to him that to get the most out of this place, you have to leave and come back, and it looks like the Wise Man was right. He’s back to take everything out of this place that he needs.

He said everyone backstage is happy to have him back in the company, except some, who know they can’t reach his level and grab the brass ring, which is in his back pocket.

Punk ended his promo by saying:

“I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money.”

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