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Randy Orton – Battleground Plans, What’s Next For Dolph Ziggler?

Randy Orton didn’t work this weekend’s WWE Live Events and wasn’t there at WWE Raw as well. This is because Orton asked for some time off. Randy Orton is currently on a vacation with his girlfriend. Randy Orton won’t be working next week’s WWE Raw as well and will be returning on the July 6th edition of WWE Raw. Regarding Battleground PPV plans for Randy Orton, he’s expected to face Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus.

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer posted the following on Dolph Ziggler’s future if he decides to leave WWE once his contract expires:

“Regarding any rumors going around about Ziggler, his contract and leaving, this is the situation. Ziggler’s contract does expire in a few months and there are those close to him that have said he is at least considering what decision to make regarding his future that wouldn’t include WWE. I’ve got no idea what he’s going to do, past the idea he has talked with people about his options away from the promotion. There are also things he’s written on twitter that give the impression he’s at least considering his options. He has been doing stand-up comedy of late, but nobody has raved about his work there, and that’s likely to just be a hobby. There is interest in him from both New Japan and Lucha Underground, and you know that TNA would do anything to try and get him. At the same time, nobody knows what the situation is long-term with Lucha Underground and TNA right now. The New Japan/ROH combination that the Young Bucks and A.J. Styles do, as well as doing other indies, maybe AAA big shows as well, and in particular, the U.K. shows, and he’d do well.

He wouldn’t make what he’s currently earning in WWE, but if he could get a New Japan deal at the same level as Styles, he could probably do $350,000 to $400,000 per year outside of WWE, and that’s also eliminating a lot of the road expenses since on the indie scene his trans and hotels would be paid for. He would also have time for an outside entertainment career such as acting and such.Even though he’d work fewer dates, it could be harder on his body based on the fan demands of the high-level U.S. indies and New Japan, even though he always works hard. He’ll have fewer limitations and hold-backs in the ring, but in doing so, it often wears the body out faster.

He’s obviously going to be frustrated here because he’s one of those guys who has always been more over with the audience than his push, and those kind of guys usually do well on the indies. Everyone has different motivations, but in checking around, we’ve heard nothing about him putting out any feelers with anybody.”

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