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Randy Orton Comments On WWE Spoiling His Return At Survivor Series 2023

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Randy Orton made his return to the WWE at Survivor Series 2023. Since then, he has reclaimed his status as one of the top Superstars in the wrestling world. However, the comeback was not without its share of controversy, as WWE chose to spoil Orton’s return by announcing it in advance, a decision that left the veteran initially upset. In a recent interview on WWE’s The Bump, Orton opened up about his feelings regarding the pre-announcement and the ultimately positive fan reaction.

Orton’s Hiatus and the Speculation of Retirement

Randy had been absent from the wrestling scene for several months due to cumulative damage to his back, which required back fusion surgery. During this period, speculations about his potential retirement circulated within the wrestling community, raising concerns among fans about whether they had seen the last of The Apex Predator in the ring.

Triumphant Return at Survivor Series

Contrary to retirement rumors, Randy Orton made a triumphant return at Survivor Series, a moment that was eagerly awaited by fans. Despite the excitement surrounding his comeback, WWE decided to deviate from the traditional surprise element by announcing his appearance at the Premium Live Event beforehand.

Orton’s Initial Reaction to the Spoiler

Speaking candidly on WWE’s The Bump, Orton addressed WWE’s decision to spoil his return after an 18-month absence. He revealed that the revelation initially “let the wind out of his sails”. The element of surprise, which often adds a unique thrill to wrestling returns, was absent, leaving Orton somewhat disheartened about the pre-announcement.

The Unpredictable Fan Reaction

Despite the initial disappointment, Randy Orton acknowledged that the fans’ reaction exceeded his expectations. He emphasized that, in the end, “no one stepped on anyone’s toes”, and the reception he received was overwhelmingly positive. Orton described the fan response as a great reaction, highlighting the unpredictability of the wrestling audience.

Acknowledging the Differences with CM Punk’s Return

During the interview, Orton drew a parallel to CM Punk’s return, which also generated significant buzz in the wrestling community. He expressed happiness at having Punk back and noted the contrasting reactions between his own return and Punk’s. Orton’s perspective on the situation showcased a level of understanding and appreciation for the diverse responses from the wrestling fanbase.

Here’s what The Viper said:

“Kind of let the wind out of my sails. After it was all said and done, I got a great reaction. No one stepped on anyone’s toes. They got Randy Orton back.

Two different reactions, two different people. On a personal level I was happy to have [CM Punk] back.”

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