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Randy Orton Paid A Guy $1,000 To Level Up His Elden Ring Character

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Elden Ring was one of the most popular games released in 2022, and many people found it very challenging.

14-Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton was also a big fan of the game, and he spent a lot of time on it to improve his character’s rating until he got tired of it and apparently decided to pay a gamer $1,000 to level up his character for him.

While speaking on their Twitch channel “The Insiderz”, former WWE Tag Team Maximum Male Models (Mansoor and Mace), now known as Mansoor Al-Shehail and Brennan Williams, shared the story about Orton paying to get his character leveled up.

Orton told Mansoor the following backstage at an episode of RAW:

“Yeah, it’s f**king hard. I paid a guy $1,000 bucks to give me infinite runes so I could level up to 100 right away.” 

Mace added what Orton told him:

“I love that game, though. It’s awesome. But no, I couldn’t deal with that bulls**t so I just paid a guy to give me a bunch of runes.”

The Viper spent a lot of time playing the game on his bus when he was on the road with WWE before his back injury, and revealed on Twitter in April 2022 that he had gotten himself to level 527.

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