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Rare Footage Of Brock Lesnar Celebrating 1st WWE Title Win With His Parents

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SummerSlam 2002’s main event was a clash of titans, a showdown for the ages. In one corner, you had The Rock, the charismatic People’s Champion, whose electrifying presence had captivated fans for years. In the other corner, there was Brock Lesnar, the unstoppable force, an emerging juggernaut with unparalleled strength and intensity.

As the famous Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York quivered with anticipation, these two icons faced off in a battle that transcended sports entertainment. The Rock’s charisma and in-ring prowess collided with Brock Lesnar’s sheer power and dominance.

In the end, it was Brock who emerged victorious, but the SummerSlam 2002 main event wasn’t just about the outcome.

It was a clash that showcased the past and future of WWE at that time, a defining moment where legends met and the WWE Universe witnessed Lesnar’s first major title win.

As seen in the following very rare video, Brock Lesnar flew his parents in, to watch him defeat The Great One and become the youngest WWE Champion in history, at the age of 25:

Lesnar said the following about The Great One putting him over:

“I’ll always appreciate what Dwayne did for me and my family. Beating The Rock at SummerSlam 2002 made me a true superstar in the eyes of the fans.”

Brock would hold on to the WWE Championship until the Survivor Series 2002 pay-per-view several months later, where his manager Paul Heyman turned on him and enabled a victory for The Big Show.

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