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Ryback Tells The Truth About The Rumor Of Brock Lesnar Beating Him Up Backstage

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In 2012, a rumor came out that Brock Lesnar beat up Ryback in a backstage fight at a WWE event.

Later, Ryback appeared on TV with a black eye, which led to fans believing that rumor.

During a video posted on his YouTube channel, Ryback revealed that there was no altercation with Lesnar, and that this lie was leaked to Dave Meltzer by Michael Hayes (who works in multiple positions backstage in WWE) to hurt his mega push.

Below is what The Big Guy said:

“I’m here today, guys, to tell you that was an absolute lie, and it was actually this guy right here – doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot (Michael Hayes impression) – Michael P.S. Hayes that we later found out reported to Dave Meltzer that very lie, with WWE trying to hurt my credibility with its fanbase but failed miserably.”

Ryback revealed that his black eye was caused by a mistimed forearm to the face by Camacho at the Over The Limit 2012 PPV.

The former Intercontinental Champion then said the following about his relationship with The Beast:

“It’s just funny because me and Brock always got along really well. Brock used to use my same workout bands. I had some really heavy bands, like 60, 70-pound bands. He would always come find them. Always very sociable and approachable with me. We talked multiple times.”

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