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RAW Champion Doesn’t Have Heat With CM Punk Anymore

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2 WWE Superstars recently buried the hatchet with CM Punk.

AJ Styles used to have heat with CM Punk. In 2020, Styles said the following when asked about the possibility of facing Punk:

“Nope. That will never happen. I don’t have to go into detail about that one. I think it’s pretty obvious where things stand. I’m not a fan.”

However, things have now changed.

During an interview on The Ringer Wrestling Show, Styles said the following about Punk:

“I mean, if you know anything about AJ Styles and CM Punk, you would know that we really don’t care for each other. But if you want me to ruin everything that you think you know, I can. Past performance predicts future behavior, right?

Some over at AEW are my best friends – love ‘em, trust ‘em, know ‘em. And I was expecting a problem when [CM Punk] came here – and I was wrong.

The guy looks like he’s happy to be here. He looks like a guy that I’d want to step in the ring with and tear the house down with.”

Another WWE wrestler that had heat with Punk is Sami Zayn.

During an interview with Gorilla Position, Sami revealed that there was “weird stuff” going on between him and Punk, but they are past that now.

Here’s what the Intercontinental Champion said:

“I’ve known him a very, very long time. There have been some ups, there have been some downs. And he showed up and I was like, ‘Look, I just don’t want this to be weird. So, like, you know, say whatever you need to say. Say your piece.’ I said my piece. And like, clean slate. That’s it. You know what I mean? You just can’t walk around harboring resentment.

Because I just don’t want him to walk by and be like a black cloud. Like, I work here, you know what I mean? Or vice versa. I don’t want him to see me and go (groans). Hey, whatever happened, cards on the table, let’s just, ‘Clean slate? Good? Good? Okay’.

And that’s it. That’s how I approach, I guess not just him but life. I’ve found in my experience it’s kind of exhausting to hate people (laughs). The only person who’s mad is you, you know what I mean? They’re just walking around but you’re the one all of a sudden under a cloud of negativity. So I just don’t want that cloud.

So has there been some weird stuff between us in the past? Sure. I think 90 percent of people you ask about Punk would probably say the same. But as far as I’m concerned, hey, we gotta work together, you’re here, you’ve been through a lot in your life, let’s just clean slate, start over, and, you know, whatever. That’s it.”

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