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RAW Star AJ Styles Advised To Walk Away From The Undertaker

AJ Styles vs The Undertaker - WrestleMania 36

• ON THIS DAY IN WWF HISTORY (March 3, 2002) – WWF Sunday Night HEAT

On this day in 2002, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Sunday Night HEAT’.

It was broadcasted from the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts and featured pre-taped matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF WrestleMania X8’ PPV.

The card can be found right here:

1. Rikishi vs. Perry Saturn

2. Test vs. The Hurricane

3. Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm

4. Edge vs. Mr. Perfect

• RAW Star AJ Styles Advised To Walk Away From The Undertaker

WWE posted a video on their YouTube channel where Mark Wahlberg promoted his upcoming Netflix movie, Spenser Confidential.

During this video, Mark gave an advice to RAW Superstar AJ Styles ahead of WrestleMania 36:

“Well my kids and I were watching and I got some advice for one Mr. AJ Styles. Dude, walk away all right. Walk away from the situation with The Undertaker. Let it go. Don’t push your luck, AJ.

I’m telling you, walk away while you still have a chance and while you still can. It’s the best advice anyone’s going to give you. Walk away!”

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