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Raw Star Says WrestleMania 33 Was One Of The Most Rewarding Moments Of His Career, Hot Nikki Bella GIFs

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David is the son of Old School WWF Legend & former WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino.

• Raw Star Says WrestleMania 33 Was One Of The Most Rewarding Moments Of His Career

During a recent appearance on ESPN Radio’s Geoff Calkins Show, Raw Superstar WOKEN Matt Hardy had the following to say regarding his return to WWE at WrestleMania 33 last year:

“It was utter validation. It was truly one of the most rewarding moments of my career, no doubt. It’s definitely a top three moment. It was really magical. I mean, especially, we live in the days of technology and the age of information. You know, people know stuff instantaneously right now.

We knew almost a month out we were gonna be at WrestleMania. We knew a couple weeks out we were gonna be involved in this match with ladders. And, we were able to keep this all confidential, and able to keep it on the down low, and it was a legitimate surprise.

The night before, we were in a huge show for another wrestling promotion, wrestling the Bucks of Youth in our ladder match, which was almost 30 minutes, which was crazy and insane. And then we show up the next day to WrestleMania, the biggest WrestleMania there had ever been in history, and debut, and return, and get this colossal reaction which was so humbling and so flattering.

And then we come into a ladder match, which is our staple. And then we win the tag team titles of the world again, which it was like truly a fairy book ending in many ways. But also, with that being said, it was also a beginning of a new fairy tale. So, it’s been an amazing journey.”

• Hot Nikki Bella GIFs

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