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RAW Star’s Recent Activity Begins Speculation Regarding His In-Ring Career Being Over


• RAW Tag Team Splitting Up Soon – Singles Push Coming

RAW Tag Team Titus Worldwide is set to split up soon. Titus Worldwide went on to lose to The Authors of Pain once again this week on RAW.

With Titus Worldwide splitting up, Apollo Crews is set to get a singles push with Dana Brooke as his manager.

WWE officials feel that Apollo, who turned 31 years old today, is a very talented wrestler and has a lot of good years left in him as a wrestler.

No word yet on what WWE plans to do with Titus O’Neil after this. We’ll keep you updated.

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• RAW Star’s Recent Activity Begins Speculation Regarding His In-Ring Career Being Over

RAW wrestler Jason Jordan suffered a neck injury earlier this year due to which he hasn’t been on TV for months now. It was previously reported that he had recovered from it and was ready to return to the ring, but unfortunately the injury looks quite complicated due to which he did not return.

But it looks like that WWE has found a non-wrestling role for him. According to PWInsider, Jason Jordan will be working as a match producer for WWE until he heals up.

He was at Tuesday’s SmackDown Live in Brooklyn. Jordan will be shadowing producers to learn the role in case he cannot return to the ring. He produced the Peyton Royce vs. Naomi match.

With the reports of him shadowing WWE producers and now producing a match on a live show, speculation about his in-ring career possibly being over have begun.

Since the company has not provided any official statement on his status, there is still hope for 29 year old Jason and expectation regarding him returning to ring somewhere down the line are still alive.

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