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RAW Star’s Return Postponed, Big Show Comments On Braun Strowman’s Need To Maintain His Monster Attitude


• Big Show Comments On Braun Strowman’s Need To Maintain His Monster Attitude

During a recent appearance on The Steve Austin show podcast, Old School WWF Legend The Big Show talked about passing the torch to Braun Strowman, Strowman’s WrestleMania angle with the kid and needing to maintain his monster attitude.

Below are the highlights:

On passing the big man torch to Braun Strowman:

“My last match was with Braun Strowman and I did the best I could to get him over and pass the big man torch to him, if I had it. Whatever I had to give, I had no problems making him. I think he’s a great guy and a hell of a talent. It was my pleasure to put the guy over and send him on his way and hopefully making him better. So I was happy with that match. It was a hell of a match. If that was my last match, you can’t ask for anything better.”

On Strowman’s WrestleMania angle with the kid:

“They’d done that great angle with Braun Strowman with a kid for a partner, which was an amazing angle. I mean, what 10-year old kid, what a dream, a pro wrestler picks you out of a crowd and you become tag team champions? It was awesome. They did a great job for Braun because Braun doesn’t need a tag partner.”

On Strowman needing to maintain his monster attitude:

“That’s one thing they’re doing right with him, they’re making him a monster. As long as they don’t have him doing stupid stuff, if they keep that monster on him. I mean, I know right now he’s a smiling babyface, which he is a good guy. It’ll be tough for him to sell and get sympathy. We went through that. But if he can keep that monster attitude about it, they’ll do very well. But that was a great opportunity for him.”

• RAW Star’s Return Postponed

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, former RAW Tag Team Champion Jason Jordan’s return has been postponed and he’s now expected to return sometime next month.

While Meltzer didn’t reveal the reason behind Jordan’s return being postponed, it’s possible that he hasn’t fully healed from his neck surgery yet (which he underwent back in February).

Kurt Angle (Jordan’s kayfabe father) noted prior to WrestleMania 34 that Jordan is expected to return ‘soon’. However, it’s been 3 months since Angle said that.

So it’s either that WWE creative team doesn’t have any storyline for Jordan right now (since his former tag team partner Seth Rollins, with whom he was supposed to feud with at WrestleMania 34, is currently involved in other feuds) or he just hasn’t completely healed yet.

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