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RAW Wrestler Says Nia Jax Took Her Under Her Wing When She Joined WWE

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On this day in 1992, the New York based NAWA North American Wrestling Alliance aired an episode of their short-lived weekly TV Show on Sports Channel America.

The card of the show was:

1. Johnny Rotten vs. Mr. Electricty

2. The Hater vs. Cash Jackson

3. The Condor vs. The Intruder

4. Hercules vs. Jimmy Starr

5. Lightning Kid (Sean Waltman) vs. Vinny Anthony

6. Metal Maniac vs. Tommy Dreamer

7. Nikolai Volkoff vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

• RAW Wrestler Says Nia Jax Took Her Under Her Wing When She Joined WWE

While speaking to FOX Sports, WWE RAW wrestler Bianca Belair discussed her days as a beginner at the WWE Performance Center.

She revealed that Nia Jax took her under her wing during those days.

Below is what Bianca said:

“Well first, my coach at the Performance Center, Sara Amato, she’s taught me everything [laughs]. But as far as the superstars, I will say — when I first got into the Performance Center Nia Jax was, she was the one that actually took me under her wing.

You know, she kind of like — she didn’t hold my hand throughout the process. But she really just made sure [and] let me know, ‘I see something in you. I see that you have it, just make sure you’re this, this and this.’ Kind of guiding me along the way.

Ember Moon, when she was in NXT, whenever we got in the ring together. We did a lot of live events together. I learned so much from being in the ring with Ember. She’s so talented, she’s a veteran, she has so much experience. I learned a lot of psychology from her. Learned how to listen to the crowd from her.

Billie and Peyton were at the Performance Center when I was there for a while, learned a whole lot from them. In NXT, those were the main girls that really just, that I’ve learned so much from, from their experience. And Alexa Bliss. At the Royal Rumble, being in the ring with her, I learned a lot from her.”

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