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RAW Wrestler Set To Begin New Career This Week


• Attitude Era Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Attitude Era Legend “The Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle celebrates his 50th birthday today.

Angle is widely considered one of the greatest pure wrestlers in the history of the business and also one of the greatest stars this business ever had.

Kurt wrestled for the WWF/WWE from 1999 until 2006 and only returned in 2017 when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, after wrestling for TNA Total Nonstop Action from 2006 till 2015.

During his career he won pretty much (almost) every championship there is to win in both, the World Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action (now iMPACT wrestling).


• RAW Wrestler Set To Begin New Career This Week

As seen on last week’s episode of RAW, Heath Slater defeated Rhyno to save his career in the WWE.

After his win over Rhyno, Baron Corbin announced that Slater will now be a referee on RAW.

According to this week’s RAW preview, WWE is teasing that Slater will begin his new job this week:

Slater officially begins new career path

“Thanks to a cruel stipulation ordered by Raw “General Manager-Elect” Baron Corbin, Heath Slater defeated Rhyno to keep his job on the red brand, leading to the firing of his longtime friend.

As Rhyno departed Raw for the last time, Slater was approached by Corbin, who informed the saddened Superstar that he would stay on Team Red not as a Superstar, but as a referee. Clearly, this didn’t sit well with The One-Man Band, but a job is a job. He’s got kids, after all.

Will we see Slater officiate his first match?”

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