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3. Plan For 2 Former WWE Champions Facing Each Other At Bound For Glory 2017 Cancelled

During a recent GFW (TNA) media conference call, it was revealed that former GFW World Champion Alberto El Patron (f.k.a Alberto Del Rio in WWE) will return at Bound For Glory 2017. Below is what John Gaburick had to say about Alberto’s return:

“We have plans for Alberto, we’re excited that he’s gonna be coming back at Bound For Glory. We’re excited about the future for Alberto, he’s an amazing talent and as a creative group we’re really excited to come up with some real cool scenarios and stories for him in the upcoming months.”

According to various reports, there were plans for Alberto El Patron to face former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio at Bound For Glory 2017, but those plans were nixed when Mysterio didn’t sign with GFW.

Below is what Gaburick said about Mysterio:

“We brought up a number of people in conversation that we’d love to have as a part of what we’re doing here. Rey is one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation, so if the opportunity ever presented itself for Rey to be available, we’d jump at that opportunity. But there’s nothing concrete that was ever set in stone with Rey.”

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