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Real Reason Why FOX Isn’t Concerned By WWE’s Low Ratings

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (May 19, 2002) – WWE Judgment Day 2002 [First WWE PPV]

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on May 19, 2002, World Wrestling Entertainment aired ‘Judgment Day 2002’ LIVE on PPV from the Entertainment Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

This was the 1st ever WWE pay-per-view after the WWF/WWE name change on May 5, 2002, although a lot of the promotional material still had the old World Wrestling Federation Logo on it.

It was the 4th Judgment Day PPV out of 11 the WWF/WWE aired between 1998 and 2009.

Here are the PPV results:

– WWE Intercontinental Championship: Eddie Guerrero (c) defeated Rob Van Dam

– WWE Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus (c) defeated Stacy Keibler

– Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman defeated The Hardy Boyz

– Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Big Show & Ric Flair

– Hair vs. Hair: Edge defeated Kurt Angle

– Hell in a Cell: Triple H defeated Chris Jericho

– WWE Tag Team Championship: Rico and Rikishi defeated Billy and Chuck (c)

– WWE Undisputed Championship: The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan (c)

• Real Reason Why FOX Isn’t Concerned By WWE’s Low Ratings

WWE’s TV ratings are at an all time low, but FOX officials aren’t concerned by that as their longterm plan with WWE is quite interesting.

According to The Dirty Sheets, one of the main guys behind WWE coming to FOX is David Katz. He is FOX’s Executive Vice President, Digital. Katz is a lifelong WWE fan and he wants a strong creative influence over WWE creative on FOX and he wants a big say in strengthening WWE’s fanbase in the West Coast.

FOX believes WWE would be willing to put two WrestleManias in the West Coast in the next 5 years, which would highly expand their West Coast fanbase, which largely consists of Latinos and Hispanics – who on an average produce 2.4 children per family in comparison to Caucasian families, who are producing 1.6 children per family on an average.

WWE feels that they can turn these large Latino and Hispanic communities into WWE fans.

The longterm plan is that if FOX’s influence is positive and the implementation of their ideas is successful, then David Katz (on behalf of FOX) will demand equity stake in all ventures that are set up with the WWE through FOX.

They intend to gradually build this equity stake in the company so they have enough power and influence over the company to initiate a future buyout of WWE.

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