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Reason Behind Lack Of Major Draft Moves On SmackDown

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The highly anticipated 2024 WWE Draft kicked off with much fanfare during Friday’s episode of SmackDown. With the excitement surrounding the event, fans eagerly tuned in to witness the roster shake-up unfold. However, the initial night of the Draft left many viewers questioning the lack of significant moves and brand swaps.

One of the notable draft picks of the night was Carmelo Hayes, who was drafted from NXT to SmackDown, signaling a significant shift in the roster landscape. Despite this, the rest of the show saw minimal changes, with most Superstars remaining on their current brands.

According to Fightful Select, WWE’s approach to the initial phase of the Draft was strategic, aiming to maintain a sense of familiarity for viewers. By retaining well-known talent on their existing brands, the company sought to ensure a smoother transition for audiences and avoid disrupting ongoing storylines.

While the lack of major moves on SmackDown may have left some fans underwhelmed, it does not necessarily reflect the overall direction of the Draft. The report suggests that more significant changes are expected to unfold on Monday’s RAW.

Monday’s portion of the Draft is anticipated to feature a greater influx of NXT talent onto RAW and SmackDown, potentially leading to more brand switches and a notable reshuffling of the roster:

“We asked about the Friday process of barely having anyone switch brands, and we’re told that the notion put forth on TV of retaining familiar talent was important. However, there are expected to be more swaps on Monday. We were also told to expect more NXT talent picked up that day.”

This gradual approach allows WWE to balance stability with the introduction of new storylines and dynamics, ensuring an engaging and impactful draft experience for fans.

It should be noted that champions aren’t a part of the Draft and will remain on their respective brands.

Also, Roman Reigns voluntarily withdrew himself from the 2024 Draft. Paul Heyman said The Head of the Table has built SmackDown since the pandemic and he isn’t leaving the brand.

Paul also said since Roman won’t be returning in the immediate future, he won’t be hogging the No.1 Draft pick spot, as that’s not what a “real” Tribal Chief does.

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