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Reason Why Eddie Guerrero’s Daughter Couldn’t Use Her Last Name In WWE

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• Reason Why Eddie Guerrero’s Daughter Couldn’t Use Her Last Name In WWE

Shaul Guerrero, daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer ‘Latino Heat’ Eddie Guerrero, was known as Raquel Diaz during her time in NXT between 2012 and 2014.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, she revealed that WWE didn’t want her to use the Guerrero name because they wanted to protect the name in case she wasn’t good in the ring.

Here’s what Shaul had to say:

“I remember being told, I’m not going to say by who, but if you sucked, then we can’t drag your family’s name in the mud, and I’m like, I understood that.

Again, it’s like they never said I had to be as good as my dad.

There was always little things like that which are hard to ignore. That was day one.”

Shaul Guerrero is currently wrestling on the independent scene.

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Old School WWF Veteran Ahmed Johnson (Real name: Tony Norris) celebrates his 58th birthday today.

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