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Retired WWE Wrestler Was Ready To Make An In-Ring Return At Royal Rumble 2019

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• Retired WWE Wrestler Was Ready To Make An In-Ring Return At Royal Rumble 2019

While speaking on The New Day’s Feel The Power podcast, WWE producer TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) revealed that he wanted to make an in-ring return during the 2019 Men’s Royal Rumble match, which would’ve been a safe way for him to get into the ring again.

However, WWE CEO Vince McMahon told him that it wasn’t worth taking the risk.

Below is what Kidd said about it:

“I wanted to at least write the final page on that book of me being an in-ring performer. And I thought what better way than the Royal Rumble – in terms of, I wouldn’t have to get slammed, I already showed Finn [Balór] how to get eliminated.

I remember talking with Vince about it. And he said ‘do you need an answer today or can you give me time to think about it?’ I said, ‘of course, take your time. Take as much time as you need.’ It’s not a rush.

When I was presenting it to him I said I can even do next year’s [2020] Rumble, it doesn’t have to be in four weeks in this one, last year [2019] in Phoenix. It could be any time.

And he called me one day and said he put a lot of thought into it and we would try to control everything on our end, but what if something outside of our realm were to happen and it were to undo all the good that has happened over the last two years in terms of me being a producer – and physically I feel very, very good.

His thought was why risk that.”

You can watch the end of Tyson Kidd’s in-ring career after being hit with a MuscleBuster by Samoa Joe below:

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