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Returning Former WWE Star Spotted At The Performance Center

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The intrigue surrounding WWE’s potential revival of a former star is escalating, with the company dropping tantalizing hints in the form of QR codes.

This marketing tactic, reminiscent of the lead-up to Bray Wyatt’s return, has sparked speculation among wrestling fans about the imminent resurgence of another familiar face: Bo Dallas.

Coupled with rumors of Erick Rowan’s comeback, WWE appears poised to assemble a formidable group with ties to Wyatt Family lore, setting the stage for a compelling storyline in the weeks to come.

Bo Dallas’ Impending Return

The QR codes, strategically embedded in WWE programming, serve as breadcrumbs leading fans to anticipate Bo Dallas’ reemergence on WWE television. Known for his previous pairing with his brother, Bray Wyatt, Dallas is rumored to adopt the persona of Uncle Howdy.

Erick Rowan’s Resurgence

In a further twist to the narrative, Erick Rowan, a former member of The Wyatt Family, is reportedly set to make his comeback to WWE. Speculation mounted following Rowan’s withdrawal from independent bookings, citing “new contractual obligations,” suggestive of a reunion with WWE.

Sightings of Rowan in Pittsburgh, a common destination for talent undergoing medical evaluations prior to signing with WWE, fueled speculation about his imminent return.

Rowan Spotted At The WWE Performance Center

Recent reports from PWInsider have added fuel to the fire, with eyewitness accounts placing Rowan at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida this week.

This development underscores the momentum building towards the group’s resurgence, although details regarding their debut on WWE television remain shrouded in secrecy.

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