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Rey Mysterio Says Kevin Nash Darting Him Face-First Into A Truck Was A Game Changing Moment (Video)

Rey Mysterio Unmasked

• WWE VIDEO HISTORY (September 29, 2014) – WWE Monday Night RAW

On this day in 2014, World Wrestling Entertainment aired another LIVE episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWE Monday Night RAW’.

This episode was broadcasted from the AllState Arena in Rosemont, Illinois and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWE Hell in a Cell 2014’ PPV.

You can find the card below:

1. WWE Intercontinental Title: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz vs. Cesaro

2. Layla vs. Rosa Mendes

3. Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry

4. Handicap Match: Brie Bella vs. Cameron & Eva Marie

5. Heath Slater & Titus O’Neil vs. Los Matadores

6. Alicia Fox vs. AJ Lee

7. Sheamus vs. Damian Mizdow

8. John Cena & Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton & Kane

• OLD SCHOOL HISTORY (September 29, 2000) – ECW ON TNN

On this day in 2000, Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘ECW on TNN’.

You can find the card below:

– Cyrus Attacks Joel Gertner

– Highlights Of Kid Kash vs. Rhino From Last Weeks Show

– Promo By Rhino

– ECW World Heavyweight Title Match: Justin Credible vs. Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn

– CW Anderson Attacks Jack Victory In The Backstage Area

– Promo By Justin Credible And Francine

– Promo By Jerry Lynn

• Rey Mysterio Says Kevin Nash Darting Him Face-First Into A Truck Was A Game Changing Moment

During a recent appearance on Apter Chat, former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio was asked if he regrets doing the angle where Kevin Nash darted him face-first into a truck.

Below is what Mysterio said:

“Not at all. I’ll tell you, that moment was one of those moments that will be talked about for a very long time. Still to this day, after 20 years, it’s something that you take with you. How impactful it was because of Nash, how big he was, and how small I was at the time.

Just the comparison in size and him just catching me and throwing me. It’s just moments that you cherish. Those are game changers. Those are life changers in this business.”

You can watch this below:

Mysterio also talked about his time in ECW & WCW:

“It was such an awesome experience because ECW was like the gateway for you to eventually get picked up by WWE or WCW. That was in a way a smaller platform, without disrespecting the company, to eventually get picked up by bigger companies.

It was such a cool experience. Keep in mind too that these were all new phases in my career that I was enjoying very much. I never had a plan to make it to WWE. I never had a plan to make it to WCW. These were all just experiences that I was just going through and living the moment. I was just enjoying my wrestling.

Back in WCW, the stuff we were doing was an eye opener and it was new for the majority of the wrestling fans around the globe, not just in the states. It was definitely something that was being viewed for the very first time.

We were given the opportunity to perform on a big stage and at the time, not knowing what we were doing, we were changing the game. We were the pioneers of the lucha libre style. What we saw at ALL IN is based on the stuff that we were doing back in ’95 and ’96 in WCW. There was no story. What was our story? Have a good match.”

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