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Rey Mysterio Wishes Eddie Guerrero Would’ve Kept Dominik Mysterio

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The longstanding feud between Rey Mysterio and his estranged son, Dominik Mysterio, has been ongoing for nearly two years since Dominik’s affiliation with the infamous Judgment Day faction. This rivalry has resulted in intense confrontations, high-profile matches, and has taken its toll on the unity of the Mysterio family, causing significant strain.

However, the roots of this conflict trace back to a pivotal moment in 2005, during Rey Mysterio’s iconic feud with his close friend, Eddie Guerrero. At the heart of their rivalry was the revelation by Guerrero that he was Dominik’s biological father, not Rey Mysterio. This revelation escalated into a high-stakes ladder match, with custody of Dominik hanging in the balance.

In a match that would shape the course of their family’s future, Rey Mysterio emerged victorious, reclaiming custody of Dominik and restoring him to the Mysterio household.

Little did Rey know at the time that this victory would set the stage for future betrayals and heartaches.

In a recent interview on BWGS Pod, Rey Mysterio reflected on that pivotal match and its consequences. When asked if he regretted winning the match, given Dominik’s subsequent actions aligning with Judgment Day, Rey admitted to grappling with remorse.

He pondered whether he should have allowed Eddie Guerrero to retain custody of Dominik, rather than engaging in a match for his son’s fate.

Here’s what Rey had to say:

“That’s a very good question that I have never been asked and now that I think about it. I wouldn’t have even had that match. I would have told Eddie, keep him. Keep him. I don’t want to risk my body. Because that was brutal.

The way Dominik turned out after that. But I also asked myself, what would have happened if Eddie would still be here? Like that, this whole story that has been created.

It must be I think he watches a lot of his stuff and somehow there’s some sort of internal connection and I wouldn’t doubt it that Eddie’s giving him pointers from the heavens.”

Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio squared off once more in a tag team match at WrestleMania XL, partnering with Andrade and Santos Escobar respectively. Rey & Andrade emerged victorious with some help from NFL players.

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