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Rhea Ripley Reacts To Fans Saying WWE Pushes Her Because She’s Hot

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day, involving Rhea Ripley and The Rock.

• Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley has been champion for almost a year and she’s also the top merch seller for the women’s division in WWE.

Some fans think WWE only pushed Mami because she’s hot.

Rhea had the following to say to those fans:

“RhEa OnLy GoT tO wHeRe She Is BeCaUsE sHe’S hOt”

*not even 6 months ago*

“RhEa LoOkS lIkE a MaN”

You guys are the funniest

And yes, I’m laughing AT you not WITH you.

WATCH: Rhea Ripley’s Buns Exposed At Elimination Chamber 2024 (Part 2):

• The Rock is back for WrestleMania 40 and he is cutting lengthy promos on both social media and on TV, to ensure WWE gets the maximum mainstream media coverage ahead of the biggest show of the year.

The People’s Champion maintains his Attitude Era persona and doesn’t care about WWE’s PG rating.

He openly drops F bombs during his social media promos and he even gets to say stuff on TV that other WWE wrestlers aren’t allowed to say.

This has resulted in a lot of WWE wrestlers having an issue with the special treatment The Great One is getting.

Apparently TV Network Officials also have a problem with The Rock’s language.

The Rock wrote the following about this on Instagram:

“‘You sound like somebody The Rock can love – drunk and horny’

Networks and ‘standards & practices’ have issues with my language, but I’d rather be real than not. I talk from the heart, shoot from the hip and try to always have fun.

Enjoy the Rock concert

~ Final Boss”

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