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Ric Flair Apologizes To 3 Names For Blaming The Death Of WCW On Them

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Since Ric Flair wasn’t interviewed for the “Who Killed WCW?” docuseries, he decided to give his opinion on X anyway. The Nature Boy blamed Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff & Jim Herd for the death of World Championship Wrestling:

“I’ve Tried To Lay Low On This But Let’s Face It – Who Killed WCW? It’s A Three-Headed Monster! Jim Herd, Eric Bischoff, And Vince Russo!!! There’s No Individual Wrestler Or Faction That Caused Anything To Kill WCW. It Was The People In Charge That Created Dysfunction, Animosity, And Tried To Divide And Conquer By Lying To Everyone And Involving Themselves In The Promotion Which Was The Ultimate Failure! God, I Could Give You A Thousand More Examples. I Am One To Live Through All Three Nightmares And To Be Saved By The WWE! Thank You To The WWE For Bringing Someone Who Was Dead In The Water As A Result Of These Three People Back To Life!”

Vince Russo read this and tweeted:

“Looks like Ric Flair is Hitting that RUM CANDY Again!!! Thanks for Giving me that Much Credit. For a Writer to take down a Multi-Million Dollar Company through Words on a Page? I guess I really was Special. Not my fault you weren’t in the Doc, Rick. Sorry, man. I hope you don’t think my excessive use of your son David, and the Rest of Your Family for that Matter—who were all GREAT BY THE WAY—wasn’t the Knife that drew the Company’s Last Blood. Yeah—I failed at Laying Low too.”

This led to Flair replying:

“Wow, Glad You Got Back To Me Vince Russo!!! Whatever Candy I’m Eating At Least I Can Afford To Eat Which I’m Not Sure You Can. I Would Give You $20k, Eric Bischoff $20k, And Jim Herd $20k A Piece Wired In Advance To Show Up In Tampa Or Atlanta. I’ll Rent The Venue In Tampa Or Atlanta, It Will Sell Out For Sure, So We Can Hash This Out. And I Guarantee That I Can Probably Sell This To A PPV Status Because I’m Ric Flair And You’re Not. Story Of My Life!”

Russo then added:

“Bro—I never thought I’d be saying this to the GOAT—but—you need to work on those comebacks. No Hard feelings, Rick, just really disappointment. Part of me giving David the greatest push in his career was because 1. HE DESERVED IT. He was a Great Human being, EXTREMELY Underrated, with a pair of boots put before him that were impossible to fill. 2. I also did it because of my admiration for you.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve never forgotten those who tried to help, were kind to and encouraged my kids—ask Billy Corgan. But, I guess that’s the Difference between you and I . . . our priorities in Life were, are, and will always be totally Different. My Priority was never Pro Wrestling—it was always My Family.

I sincerely apologize for making your Life a Living hell. I didn’t realize I did that until today. When we were working together you gave me no indication of that. At the end of the day, I was just trying to do my job. I guess nobody’s Perfect.

What I said today—I’ve been wanting to say for the last 25 years. Truth is that I would have went to my Grave with it, if Ric didn’t wake up this morning and decide to take a Public Shot at Me. I’m glad he did—now—it’s off my Chest.”

In an update, Flair apologized all 3 men this morning. Here’s what the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer tweeted:

“A Very Important Person In My Life Reminded Me Yesterday That Twitter Is The Weakest Form Of Communication. I Want To Take This Opportunity To Apologize To Jim Herd, Eric Bischoff, And Vince Russo Because I Really Don’t Know. I Unfairly Judged You Without Knowing The Inner Workings And Behind The Scenes Of The Business On The Corporate End With People You Had To Report To And Work With.

I Wish On A Personal Note That All 3 Of Us Could Have Worked Together And Had Better Relationships! For Vince Calling Me The GOAT, I Appreciate That & You Did Help My Son To Pursue His Dream In Wrestling. I Am Going To Do Eric Bischoff’s Podcast, But It Won’t Be To Bury Anybody. It’s To Discuss Our Differences!

The Rock Is Making A Movie On My Life, And I’m In A Great Place! I Hope This Can All Be Put Behind Us!”

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