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Ric Flair Reveals The 3 Men Behind The Death Of WCW

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The demise of World Championship Wrestling has long been a subject of fascination and debate among wrestling fans and industry insiders alike. Now, a new docuseries titled “Who Killed WCW?” is set to shed fresh light on the downfall of one of wrestling’s most iconic promotions.

Produced by Vice in collaboration with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions, “Who Killed WCW?” aims to provide a comprehensive and unfiltered look at the events that led to the demise of WCW. Unlike previous accounts, this series promises to offer a true non-WWE perspective, delving into untold stories, conducting new interviews, and examining the factors that contributed to WCW’s downfall.

The four-part miniseries premiered on June 4th on VICE TV, offering wrestling fans a deep dive into the inner workings of WCW during its final days.

2-Time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair wasn’t interviewed for this project and he made it known that he isn’t happy about it:

“As Usual More Bullsh*t, No Interview With Ric Flair Who Was WCW, And Who Made Everyone There For 20 Years. Run By The The Same People Who Killed The Company. How Embarrassing!! A Documentary About WCW Without Me!

And According To Eric Bischoff On 83 Weeks, I Was The Greatest WCW Wrestler, And I Made Everyone In The Company As There Wouldn’t Be Anyone Without Me.

Diamonds Are Forever And So Is Ric Flair! For You Haters, Please Go To 83 Weeks With Eric Bischoff If You Have A Problem!

Let’s Not Confuse My Relationship With The Rock With This Documentary. I Respect The Rock As He Respects Me. He Just Has Some Jabronis That Don’t Know What They’re Doing Working For Him.

I Would Love 2 Hours On Busted Open Or 2 Hours On Kevin Nash’s Kliq This Podcast Which Is The Best Wrestling Podcast Outside Of Busted Open In My Opinion.

Kevin Knows The Truth, Is Legit Tough, And Has Earned My Respect For Years.”

In an update, Flair has now revealed who he thinks was behind the death of WCW:

“I’ve Tried To Lay Low On This But Let’s Face It – Who Killed WCW? It’s A Three-Headed Monster! Jim Herd, Eric Bischoff, And Vince Russo!!!

There’s No Individual Wrestler Or Faction That Caused Anything To Kill WCW. It Was The People In Charge That Created Dysfunction, Animosity, And Tried To Divide And Conquer By Lying To Everyone And Involving Themselves In The Promotion Which Was The Ultimate Failure!

God, I Could Give You A Thousand More Examples. I Am One To Live Through All Three Nightmares And To Be Saved By The WWE!

Thank You To The WWE For Bringing Someone Who Was Dead In The Water As A Result Of These Three People Back To Life!”

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