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Road Warrior Animal Gives His Views On Paige’s Private Pics/Videos Leak

Legion of Doom Road Warriors

During a recent appearance on Hannibal TV, WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal discussed Paige’s situation (her private pics and videos getting leaked).

Animal thinks that the person who leaked Paige’s stuff should be sent to jail. Below are the highlights:

His thoughts on what happened with Paige:

“Oh yeah her own personal videos? I think the person who stole those videos should be thrown in jail and locked up. Because you invaded Paige’s privacy, that’s her own personal stuff. Anybody who’s alive should be able to film their own personal stuff, I don’t care who she’s doing it with or what she’s doing. I heard of it but I never heard who it was with.”

On this being a very embarrassing situation for Paige:

“I bet it is with two guys on you, but I guess whatever floats your boat. What are you gonna do?”

His response after the interviewer told him Paige is engaged and Brad Maddox was married at the time of the videos:

“That’s a sh!tstorm waiting to happen. Jeez. It’s a New Day! ? That gives New Day a whole new meaning. ??”

Below is the interview:

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