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Road Warrior Animal Wasn’t Impressed With RETRIBUTION Segments On This Week’s RAW

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• Old School WWF Tag Team Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Attitude Era Tag Team Legend Matt Hardy (Real name: Matthew Moore Hardy) turns 46 today.

Him and his brother, his ‘Hardy Boyz’ Tag Team partner Jeff Hardy, joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1994 as Jobbers, putting over the WWF New Generation Era Superstars on the weekly TV shows, such as ‘WWF Superstars’, ‘WWF Wrestling Challenge’ & ‘WWF Monday Night RAW’.

In 1998, during the Attitude Era, they were both promoted to regular main roster Superstars, winning their first ever Tag Team Championship on June 29, 1999.

Apart from winning many more Tag Team titles of various promotions, Matt would also win some singles titles during his long, illustrious career, such as the WWF European Championship, the WWF Hardcore Championship, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship (WWE Version), the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, … & many more.


• Road Warrior Animal Wasn’t Impressed With RETRIBUTION Segments On This Week’s RAW

Earlier today, news broke out that WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal has passed away.

In his final podcast appearance, on Legion of RAW podcast, Animal wasn’t impressed with RETRIBUTION’s segments on this week’s RAW and them competing in the main event of RAW.

Below is what Animal said:

“They got the open and the close which are the two hottest parts of the show. The rest of the show for 3 hours or 2 hours & 45 minutes is filler, right? They did not do the show any justice.

They needed to have a big name who’s going to be behind the whole RETRIBUTION deal that’s a main card guy because you could see in that last match even, the difference between the main card guys and the NXT guys.

Nothing against the NXT guys, listen we all had to go through stepping stones in wrestling to get to be the top dog — I did it, [Road Warrior] Hawk did it, [Rick] Rude did it, [Curt] Hennig did it, we all did it growing up, Davey Boy [Smith], Owen [Hart], everybody.

But you can’t expect to throw guys that barely are working main events in NXT to be the main event on TV or RAW. What do they expect is going to happen?

On top of that, you take your hottest heel team [The Hurt Business] and you have them play babyface against RETRIBUTION. Are you kidding me?”

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