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Roman Reigns Asked What If Fans Start Booing Him Again, The Revival Takes A Shot At AEW Tag Team The Lucha Bros

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• Old School WCW Diva Celebrates Her Birthday

Old School WCW Diva “Double D” Asya (Real name: Christine Wolf) celebrates her 53rd birthday today.

Former female Bodybuilder Christi Wolf was first seen on TV in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling as the head nurse, while “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair was (storyline wise) being treated in a mental hospital.

Then known as Double D, she accompanied Ric Flair to the ring afterwards and – because of her size – was occasionally getting involved in Flair’s matches.

A little later on, now known as Asya, she became the valet of The Revolution, a faction that also included Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit & Shane Douglas.

She then managed “The Demon” Dale Torborg before she was let go by WCW in August 2000 and got married to Torborg in October.


• Roman Reigns Asked What If Fans Start Booing Him Again

During a recent interview with SPORT1, former WWE Champion “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns was asked what would his reaction be if fans started booing him again.

Below is what Reigns said:

“I don’t care [how they respond]. They paid their money, their hard-earned money, to get to the show. They can do what they wanna do. Everybody’s situation is different and we enjoy every way our fans are expressing themselves. As long as you make noise, it doesn’t matter to me if it’s cheers or boos. The last thing I want is silence – fans sitting on their hands or, ‘Anyone want some popcorn?’ That’s bad for a performer.

I’ve always had the ability to rub people one way or the other. As long as that continues – heavy cheers, polarizing reaction, heavy boos – I’m all for it.”

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• The Revival Takes A Shot At AEW Tag Team The Lucha Bros

Former two time RAW Tag Team Champions The Revival took a shot at AEW tag team The Lucha Bros (Fenix and Pentagon) by tweeting the following:

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