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Roman Reigns Became A Wrestler Because Of WWF/WCW Legend

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Roman Reigns’ Bloodline story has been the #1 storyline in all of professional wrestling for almost 3 years now.

This storyline has been drawing strong TV numbers and record-setting Social Media views.

During an interview with SK Wrestling, WWE Veteran Natalya put over The Tribal Chief explained why she acknowledges him.

Below is what the former SmackDown Women’s Champion said:

“He plays the role of being a bad guy on TV, but Roman has always been so respectful and so nice to me. We were talking about Bret and he said that Bret is the reason why he wanted to do this.

Roman and I both grew up in big wrestling families, and he said to me, he’s like, ‘I was always surrounded by wrestling, but your uncle was why I wanted to do this.’ So I definitely acknowledge Roman.

I think Roman is doing huge numbers for the company as far as The Bloodline’s storyline. To me, it’s fun to be able to follow a story. When I look at their story, I think like, man, imagine if the Hart Foundation could have told that story back when there was Brian Pillman.

Remember when it was Brian Pillman, my dad, Davey, Bret? That had Bloodline vibes to it. I thought, man, if the Hart Foundation could have only done something like The Bloodline, but The Bloodline storyline is so amazing because the audience really doesn’t want to see it end.

I think a lot of people thought, oh, after WrestleMania when The Usos lost the Tag Titles, that, you know, there was this match with Roman and Cody, it would kind of be like the end of The Bloodline. Nobody wants to see it end. It really has been something. We want to see where it’s gonna go.

To me, it’s just compelling television and it’s exciting to watch it unfold even as I’m part of the company. I love watching it unfold.

I think every single person that’s been aligned with The Bloodline, whether they’re feuding against The Bloodline, or they’re in The Bloodline, it’s elevated everyone.

Everybody’s stock has gone through the roof from Sami Zayn to Kevin Owens to Jimmy and Jey to Roman to Solo to Paul, and just everybody that they work with has been elevated.

So it’s cool because it’s not just Roman that’s being elevated. It’s an entire group of people and people want to tune in.”

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