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Roman Reigns Calls LA Knight A Redneck Version Of The Rock On SmackDown

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Since most WWE Superstars are in Saudi Arabia right now for tomorrow’s Crown Jewel 2023 premium live event, WWE taped tonight’s episode of SmackDown after last week’s show went off the air.

Tonight’s SmackDown opened with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and LA Knight having a promo segment.

Roman said a lot has changed in the last 3 years. He takes a leave and expects people to step up, but he didn’t expect LA to step up, so he gives him credit for that. However, Roman said he’s the Face of WWE and took the business forward and what he does is being called “cinema”, while LA is taking the business back. Roman then made a reference to The Rock:

“The only thing you’ve done is get them to chant your name and what? Cosplay a redneck version of my cousin?”

Roman called himself the megastar and said he has turned this business into a multi-billion dollar industry. Roman told LA to enjoy tonight, because he’s gonna smash him tomorrow and leave him in the desert, but told him not to worry because he won’t be the last one.

LA gave credit to Roman for defeating everyone, but said that he isn’t coming at Roman from the same angle that all the others did. LA said he’s not here to “finish” something, but he’s here to start something and that is the LA Knight Era.

Knight said Roman wants to talk about cosplay, he’s gonna cosplay the guy that’s gonna kick Roman’s a$$ at Crown Jewel.

Both men had to be separated after this heated exchange. You can watch the entire promo segment below:

You can check out WWE’s moving graphic for this match below:

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