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Roman Reigns Gives An Update On His Leukemia Status After WrestleMania 40 Win

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Below are the highlights from the WrestleMania 40 – Night 1 post-show press conference.

– Regarding Pat McAfee saying “Roman Reigns is battling leukemia as we speak” on commentary, Roman said he’s still on oral chemo therapy, which is something he’s going to be on for the rest of his life. He’s still in remission.

– Roman Reigns on teaming up with The Rock: “It was a dream being out there with him.”

– The Rock said he feels good after the match.

– A reporter asked Rock how Triple H did, as this was the first WrestleMania without Vince McMahon’s influence. Rock said HHH is doing a fantastic job. Rock said he likes new eras and it’s an exciting time for WWE & TKO.

– Rock said that 2 years ago, there were talks of him returning for WrestleMania 39, but they couldn’t map out something good. Selling of WWE played a part in his return. Rock wanted to know if he can return and add substantial value to the company, which we can build upon.

– The original plan (which was decided last year) for WrestleMania 40 was The Rock vs. Roman Reigns. Rock realized they had the opportunity to listen to the fans. They could’ve truck through the fan reaction and still booked Rock vs. Reigns, but Rock eventually decided to go with something WWE has been building for the past 2 years, which is Cody Rhodes finishing his story.

Along with that, Rock decided to bring his TKO position into storyline, thus becoming The Final Boss.

– A reporter asked if fans can expect surprises during Bloodline Rules tomorrow night. Rock said you can expect a lot of surprises.

– The Rock wants to build new mountains at this point in his life. The People’s Championship is part of the new mountain.

– Triple H revealed that tonight broke the single night gate record for WrestleMania. He revealed that they are very cautious of ticket prices and they don’t want price out their fans.

– HHH praised The Rock, because this is the most difficult thing to do if you don’t do this on a regular basis. What he did is not easy. He’s impressed by how calm and composed The Rock was despite being away from the ring for so many years.

– Triple H said “there’s a lot to see tomorrow” and how Cody Rhodes will overcome the odds.

– When asked about Brock Lesnar’s status, Triple H said there were talks for his return for Royal Rumble, but it was a while ago. HHH confirmed that Brock is not gone from WWE. He’s just home being Brock.

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