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3. Former WWE Writer Explains Why Sister Abigail May Never Appear On WWE Programming

During a recent appearance on PWTorch Livecast, former WWE writer Kevin Eck explained why “Sister Abigail” may never appear on WWE programming:

“From what I know about how Bray Wyatt envisioned that character, I don’t think that character is ever going to be seen, because the way Bray explained it, and I don’t think it’s ever come out on TV. He speaks in riddles, so maybe if you read in-between the lines.

But Bray Wyatt was apparently a young man and Sister Abigail was an old black woman. I believe the swamps of Louisiana who had some supernatural powers and you know the history of voodoo and such in New Orleans.

I believe she took him under her wing and kind of taught him the secrets of what she knows of the dark arts and things like that.”

Eck noted that Sister Abigail is the one who made Bray Wyatt who he’s today (storyline wise) and if WWE continues to follow Wyatt’s story, then Sister Abigail will never appear on WWE programming.

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