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Roman Reigns Reveals How He Deals With “What!?” Chants From WWE Fans

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• Roman Reigns Reveals How He Deals With “What!?” Chants From WWE Fans

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ‘What!?’ chant is the most famous chant for pro-wrestling fans, and it could be the most annoying chant of all time as well.

During an interview on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns revealed how he deals with this chant during his promos:

“Typically when you’re talking, they’re going to listen. But when you pause, they’ll give a reaction but sometimes it’s not the reaction you want.

Nobody likes the ‘What!?’ [chants] so then you got to start playing with your cadence – and now you can cut their whats off and dictate what is the timing and the chants are going to be.

So they’ll hit you with those and that’s when you can hear the more experienced performers and talkers where they’ll change their cadence.

If I have to machine gun them, I’ll machine gun them. But as soon as I know I’ve stopped that or I have a gauge on what’s happening, I don’t mind just sitting and letting them chant.”

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