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Roman Reigns Reveals The 2 Requests He Made Before His Return In 2020

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• Roman Reigns Reveals The 2 Requests He Made Before His Return In 2020

Roman Reigns was on a hiatus from WWE programming for 5 months last year. He missed WrestleMania 36, but ended up returning at SummerSlam 2020. A week later, he captured the Universal Championship, which he hasn’t lost since.

During his appearance on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Reigns revealed that he made 2 requests to WWE Officials before making his return – he wanted to work backstage with Michael Hayes & Paul Heyman.

Here’s what The Tribal Chief said:

“I had two requests. I wanted to work with Michael Hayes, that’s my guy. He’s been with me from The Shield days and even before that with my family and a lot of the people around me have been in relations and in close contact with my family, even before my time as a performer, back when I was just a kid.

So they have a great history with my family and they’ve taken to me like family, like blood and those are two guys who are critically in my process – Michael Hayes and Paul Heyman.”

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• Old School WCW President Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW President Jim Herd celebrates his 82nd birthday today.

Ted Turner himself hired Jim Herd as Executive Vice President after buying Jim Crockett Promotions in late 1988 and renaming it World Championship Wrestling.

However, the former Pizza Hut regional manager Herd was not qualified to run a professional wrestling company, much less the #2 promotion on the planet at that time.

He resigned from WCW on January 8, 1992 and was replaced by Kip Allen Frey.


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