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Roman Reigns Takes A Shot At CM Punk’s UFC Career

Roman Reigns - WWE Tag Team Champion

• Ivelisse Comments On Her Relationship With Stone Cold Steve Austin

During a recent interview with Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly, Ivelisse commented on being interested in working with Impact Wrestling, wrestling Sexy Star after what happened with Rosemary at last year’s AAA TripleMania, WWE not contacting her for the Mae Young Classic, relationship with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and more.

Below are the highlights:

On being interested in working with Impact Wrestling:

“They have not asked me, which is kind of odd. I’ve even asked Lucha Underground what’s up with this joint program with Impact. Obviously, it’s something I’d love to do and it’s great exposure that would help a lot while Lucha Underground is dark. But, they have not asked me. And I kind of trying to figure out why … But I’m going to keep doing my thing and one way or another I will shine.”

On wrestling Sexy Star after what happened with Rosemary at last year’s AAA TripleMania:

“Actually, I may be wrestling her soon. I was actually thinking about that. All the times I’ve wrestling her, I never got a vibe from her; I never got that unsafe vibe. I actually watched that whole thing with Sexy Star and it seemed like there was a lot more to the story from what I saw within the ring in terms of being heat with her and another girl. It’s just a whole bad situation for everyone; the entire thing was unprofessional. I think the political side of wrestling put all the blame on Sexy Star. It obvious, everyone involved was unprofessional. It’s not like me and Sexy Star are best friends or anything like that. That is the most neutral, honest response to what I saw happen. And if we were in the ring and she were to try something unprofessional like that … especially if it were something real … thankfully I have knowledge in MMA and I know how to protect myself from that. So, I’m not too worried about that side.”

On WWE not contacting her for the Mae Young Classic:

“For the Mae Young Classic [WWE] did not. For a possible second one, I don’t know and it depends on when it happens too. As long as I’m under a Lucha Underground contract I can’t do anything related to WWE. Although you never know what happens in the future, hence Lucha Underground with TNA.”

On relationship with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin:

“It’s been a very long time since I’ve talked to him, but he is definitely a big supporter of my work and that meant the world to me. Growing up he was always my favorite character. And when I went to Tough Enough and I met him; in my mind, I was like ‘Okay, don’t act like a fan, this is work, your business’. So, the fact that he appreciated my work that was incredibly exciting for me. And through the years he has backed me up and that means a lot to me.”

• Roman Reigns Takes A Shot At CM Punk’s UFC Career

During a recent interview with Give Me Sport, “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns talking about making Braun Strowman a monster, Dean Ambrose’s status, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk’s next UFC fight & more.

Below are some short highlights:

On Braun Strowman:

“No matter what anyone says, I made a monster.”

On Brock Lesnar possibly going to UFC:

“Now is the time to pull the trigger, he’s not getting any younger. I fully support whatever he wants to do.”

On John Cena & The Usos’ mic skills:

“Heads and shoulders above everybody else on the mic.”

On Daniel Bryan:

“One of the best ever to step inside the ring. You want me to turn heel? Put me with Daniel Bryan.”

On Dean Ambrose:

“We need him. He is rehabbing like a mad man.”

On if he’ll watch CM Punk’s next fight:

“If it lasts more than 30 seconds.”

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