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8. Update on Ric Flair’s Financial Status

During a recent interview with Sporting News, two time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair discussed his financial status and still working for the WWE. Below are the highlights:

His career and how he’s doing financially these days:

“I look back on it and think about how much fun I did have. At the time, I didn’t look at it as providing memories for the future. But thanks to things like the WWE Network, YouTube and people like you being gracious enough to keep my name out there, I’m doing financially better now than when I was wrestling.”

His legacy:

“My legacy, I hope, is — and I feel pretty comfortable saying this — that I worked harder than anybody in the business and sometimes under the worst conditions. I never wanted to ever leave the crowd thinking they haven’t gotten their money’s worth. Fans still enjoy me and I enjoy them. I am thankful.”

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