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Ronda Rousey Reveals Her New Graphic Line Of Work

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Ronda Rousey, a renowned figure in combat sports, has transitioned from her illustrious careers in UFC and WWE to the world of graphic novels. Known for her dominance in the UFC, where she reigned as the Women’s Bantamweight Champion for 1,074 days, and her significant impact in WWE, including headlining WrestleMania 35 and winning three WWE Women’s Championships, Rousey has now ventured into storytelling through comics.

After concluding her WWE tenure at SummerSlam 2023, Rousey has sporadically participated in independent wrestling matches. However, her primary focus has shifted to a new creative endeavor. Rousey is set to debut her graphic novel, “Expecting The Unexpected”, in collaboration with independent developer Artists Writers and Artisans (AWA).

“Expecting The Unexpected” draws from Rousey’s personal experiences, including motherhood, her career as a fighter, and her love for action films. The graphic novel, written by Rousey, is edited by AWA’s Chief Creative Officer Axel Alonso, formerly the Editor-in-Chief at Marvel. The artwork is crafted by Mike Deodato, Jr., a comic book maestro and martial arts black belt.

“I felt like I had to tell this story because ‘Expecting The Unexpected’ pulls from the most important parts of my life: motherhood, my career as a fighter, and fun action movies,” Rousey said.

“I knew I needed an artist who understood how to translate my fighting from real life to graphic novel artwork, so it’s been truly gratifying watching Mike Deodato bring this story to life. I’m so excited to work with AWA and share my very first graphic novel with the world, and I hope comic fans will enjoy this adventure.”

Ronda Rousey Expecting The Unexpected Graphic Novel

Alonso praised Rousey’s contribution, stating, “Ronda has brought the same level of ferocity, discipline, and craft to her original script that made her a champion in Judo, UFC, and WWE. A potent blend of dark comedy, romance, and over-the-top action, ‘Expecting The Unexpected’ delivers a knockout punch on every level.

You’ll laugh, you’ll wince, you’ll cry, and you’ll thrill at the action scenes — meticulously choreographed by Ronda and executed with precision by Mike Deodato, Jr. — that literally leap off the page.”

“Expecting The Unexpected” will launch on Kickstarter with AWA on Thursday, July 25th, offering fans a unique glimpse into Rousey’s multifaceted life and imagination.

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