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Rough Day For TNA Yesterday – Releases Revealed

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In a whirlwind of events, TNA Wrestling encountered an unexpected day yesterday, resulting in the departure of several key staff members. The backstage shakeup has left fans and industry insiders speculating about the organization’s future.

The Unsettling Developments

According to PWInsider, multiple staffers within TNA were let go on a single day, sending shockwaves through the wrestling community. While the exact reasons for these departures remain undisclosed, the suddenness of the cuts has raised eyebrows.

David Sahadi’s Legacy

Among those affected by these changes is David Sahadi, who served as the Creative Director for the organization. With a tenure of four years at Anthem and a history with TNA/IMPACT since March 2006, Sahadi brings a wealth of experience, having previously worked at WWE. His departure marks a notable change within the creative team.

RD Evans: Frustration and Departure

RD Evans, known for prior stint at WWE, held the position of Head of Creative for TNA. Reports suggest that relations between Evans and the company had grown strained in recent weeks. His frustration apparently reached a tipping point, leading him to step down. While some tried to portray it as a mutual agreement, it’s believed that Evans left of his own accord. Notably, his exit occurred before the recent firings.

Restructuring Beyond Creative

The restructuring efforts extend beyond the creative department. Multiple exits have been reported from the live events division. As the company reconfigures various aspects, questions arise about who will oversee live events going forward. Plans beyond the summer remain uncertain, and as of this morning, there is no location or venue set for Bound for Glory.

A Tight-Knit Crew Faces Challenges

Given the close-knit nature of the TNA crew, this day of departures has undoubtedly been a rough one. Fans await further developments, pondering how these changes will impact TNA Wrestling’s creative direction and overall future.

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