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Big Change To Title Match Plans At Royal Rumble 2017? Rumor Killer On Two New Title Belt Design (Pics), Who Do The Fans Want To See Conor McGregor Face In WWE? Jim Ross Thinks WWE Should Sign Kenny Omega As Soon As Possible

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8. Jim Ross Thinks WWE Should Sign Kenny Omega As Soon As Possible

During a recent appearance on “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed NJPW’s star Kenny Omega’s future and a possible career in WWE.

Below is what JR said:

“He’s 33 years old. Whatever decision he makes he doesn’t need to burn any daylight. I had him on my podcast since winning at Wrestle Kingdom 11 and I’ve communicated with him as well. I think he’s staying. At least for another year. I think WWE would be remiss by not making inroads to see if he wants to come on board.

He’s hot right now. Knowing Eric Bischoff like I do. Knowing myself as I do… you want to hire the guy right now. He’s the hottest you can get him. You didn’t bring in Kevin Nash and Scott Hall two years after they left WWE. They were all still on WWE’s mind. They hadn’t been forgotten. They were still fresh.”

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