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Chris Jericho Captures The United States Championship on Raw, Main Roster Debut Expected At Royal Rumble 2017 (Which Brand Will He Be On?), Possible Recipient Of Warrior Award 2017, WWE Confirms WrestleMania 34 Location, Kevin Owens Describes Goldberg As “Enemy”

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9. Kevin Owens Describes Goldberg As “Enemy”

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens participated in a “One Word” game with Jonathan Coachman from ESPN, where Owens described what Coach asked him in just one word. Below are the highlights:

On Chris Jericho:

“Friend. I looked up to him for so many years coming up through the independents and everything, watching him in the WWE. So to be by his side on RAW every week is definitely something special.”

On Goldberg:

“I guess the one word I would call him is the enemy. Because growing up as a hardcore, die-hard WWE fan, he was the enemy, because he was the figurehead of WCW. The poster boy.”

On winning the Universal Title:

“Fulfilling. I mean I could use a lot of words. Gratifying, vindicating, as I’ve been told many times by many people that I wouldn’t make it to WWE, let alone be the champion, and here I am.”

On internet trolls:


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