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Royal Rumble 2024 (Live Coverage) – Part 5

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This is part 5 of our Royal Rumble 2024 live coverage (part 4 is here).

The second match of the evening is for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship between Randy Orton, AJ Styles, LA Knight and Roman Reigns.

The Tribal Chief has been champion for 1,245 days and Pat McAfee acknowledged him by standing up and pointing his finger up in the air.

The match began all 3 challengers ganged up on Roman. LA then went after AJ, while Randy worked on Roman. Randy and LA drop Roman and AJ back-first on the announce table. Randy then dropped LA on the table.

Knight hits Roman with the BFT and went for the cover, but AJ fell on top of them and the pinfall was broken up.

AJ hit Roman with the Styles Clash and went for the cover, but LA broke it up. Orton hits LA with his vintage DDT from the second rope.

Randy lays out AJ, LA & Roman with RKOs! Randy went for the cover, but Solo Sikoa pulled out the referee. Randy had it won! Solo hits Randy and LA with the Samoan Spikes!

Solo then stacked LA on top of Randy and then diverted his attention towards AJ, but crashed through the ringside barricade.

Roman is up from the RKO, but isn’t pinning Randy & LA. AJ hits Roman with the Phenomenal Forearm and Roman falls on top of Randy & LA. AJ tries to pin all 3 men, but Orton kicks out!

AJ attacks Roman with a Steel Chair. AJ also hit LA with the Spear. He went after Orton too, but Orton stopped him. Roman spears Orton! However, Orton rolls out of the ring.

Roman hits Superman Punch on LA and then spears AJ and pins him to pick up the win!

Roman Reigns (c) def. AJ Styles, LA Knight & Randy Orton in a Fatal 4-Way Match to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

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