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Royal Rumble 2024 (Live Coverage) – Part 8

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Up next is the Men’s Royal Rumble match. #1 is Jey Uso. #2 is Jimmy Uso. #3 is Grayson Waller.

#4 is Andrade, who returned to WWE. #5 is Carmelo Hayes, who eliminated Waller.

#6 is Shinsuke Nakamura. #7 is Santos Escobar. #8 is Karrion Kross. #9 is Dominik Mysterio. #10 is Carlito and he eliminates Santos. Kross hits Carlito with his finisher. #11 is Bobby Lashley. Bobby & Kross get eliminated and both their factions brawl at ringside.

#12 is Ludwig Kaiser of Imperium. This is his first Royal Rumble match. #13 is Austin Theory. #14 is Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Finn Balor.

#15 is the man who won last year, Cody Rhodes. Cody eliminates Austin Theory. #16 is “Big” Bronson Reed. He eliminates Andrade.

#17 is Kofi Kingston. This is Kofi’s 16th Royal Rumble match. The only man with more Rumble matches than him is Kane, with 18.

Cody eliminates Nakamura. Kofi eliminates Ludwig. #18 is Intercontinental Champion Gunther, who was the runner up last year and set the record for the longest time spent in the Rumble.

Gunther chops everyone, including Jey Uso. Jimmy is very happy with it and Gunther chops him too. Gunther eliminates Kofi.

#19 is Ivar. He lays out Finn, Dominik, Cody, Jey & Jimmy. #20 is Bron Breakker from NXT! He spears Jimmy and eliminates him. Bron spears Finn and eliminates him. Breakker spears Gunther!

#21 is Omos and he eliminates Bronson. Breakker spears Ivar and eliminates him.

#22 is Pat McAfee and he’s surprised as he’s on commentary. After seeing Breakker & Omos in front of him, he eliminated himself. Breakker eliminated Omos and Dominik eliminated Breakker.

#23 is JD McDonagh and Breakker speared him at ringside. #24 is R-Truth. Truth tosses JD back into the ring and Jey immediately eliminates JD. Truth is now asking Dominik to tag him in as he thinks it’s a tag team match. Dominik tags in and Truth begins hitting Gunther with John Cena’s moves, but Gunther lays him out.

#25 is The Miz. This is 15th Royal Rumble match, putting him at #3 on the all-time list of most Rumble matches. #26 is Mr. Money In The Bank Damian Priest and he punches Truth and eliminates him for teaming up with The Miz.

#27 is CM Punk. This is his first televised match in 10 years! Punk goes after everyone and eliminates Dominik. #28 is Ricochet. Gunther eliminates Miz.

#29 is Drew McIntyre, who won in 2020. Gunther eliminates Jey. #30 is the returning Sami Zayn. McIntyre eliminates Ricochet. Sami eliminates Priest and Drew eliminates Sami.

Rhodes, Punk, McIntye & Gunther are the final 4. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are shown watching the match.

Punk goes for the GTS on McIntyre, but couldn’t lift Drew completely. Drew hits Cody and Punk with Claymore Kicks. McIntyre tells Punk he’s not the same kid he was 10 years ago and that his a$$ belongs to him. Punk then eliminates McIntyre!

Cody eliminates Gunther! Cody and Punk are the final 2 men left. Roman isn’t happy, while Seth is shown excited. Punk delivers 3 back-to-back Suplexes.

Cody hits the Cross Rhodes. Cody picks up Punk, but Punk hits the GTS! Punk hits Cody with a Pedigree. Punk says he didn’t wait 10 years to lose to Dusty’s kid.

Cody eliminates Punk!

Cody Rhodes wins the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Cody Rhodes Wins The Men's Royal Rumble 2024 Match WrestleFeed App

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